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This suggestion from John Li: Tennis ball furniture. Really cool and very comfortable!

Ryan Chan likes this modular furniture...

Johnathan Tsui likes this multi-purpose desk...

Kelly Lei found this camera, made from cardboard! It works too! Find out how to make your own from re-claimed materials:

This has to be one of the most amazing products yet...right here in Hong Kong! Thanks Nicolene!

Here's one from Alex Wang: What happens when you flip from left side driving in Hong Kong to right hand driving in China? Here's the incredible flipping answer!

Life-size Gundam? Thanks Brian Ting.

Irving Teng likes this smart folding table...

Bye bye scissors...hello 'The Cutter' (thanks Ethan Foo). Read more about The Cutter's inventor Bill Rayner.

Nicolene Devonport and Nasia Mak like this furniture...made form cardboard!

Nicolene also found this cool folding table - simple and clever!

Celine Wong likes these neat foldaway beds...

Want something different to the iPod? Check out Wiliam Zou's recommendation: The Zune...


Wenchy Siu thinks James Dyson's latest product is uber-cool, find out why below:

Serene Ho likes this office design, awesome!

Katrina Van Hasselt sent in these two: 'Flexible Furniture' and 'Uberstix' - awesome! Ernest Wong likes the bendy chair too...

James Yen believes in the power of this wrist band, I'm not so sure...what do you think?

An apartment - in a box!

A folding house!

Jay's tiny house - incredible!