Table of Contents

4.2 Designing Skills
When designing a product, students should be able to respond creatively to design briefs and specification criteria, including:
  • clear communication of design intentions using notes/or sketches
  • annotation which relates to the original specification criteria
Techsoft 2D Designer
Is a software used to create vector graphic files working drawings, you can add dimensions, you can add text and images.that in turn can be used to drive the laser cutter (or the Vinyl cutter) to accurately cut out prototype and finished design, packaging nets, from a range of materials, including paper card, acrylic, mdf, and, wood. The laser cutter will interpret different coloured lines as either cutting or engraving lines. For each material there are different setting - these can be found above the Laser cutter in Room 209.
  • Red = Engaving
  • Black = Cutting

Task 1

Using the drawing attached, you are going to use 2D designer to recreate each of the parts, add dimensions, parts list, frame and name box on an A4 sheet,
thus creating a working drawing also known as orthographic views.
Remember to add the following:
  • LED holes = 5mm
  • Screw holes = 4mm
  • Switch hole = 6mm

Task 2

On a second sheet of A4, you are going to create a working drawing for your sticker design that you are going to cut using the vinyl cutter, thus making your project a "flashing eyes" gadget.
EP_Ghosts.jpg EP_robotUSBflashdriveweb3.jpg