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Hong Kong's clothing, garment and textile industry offers a broad range of career possibilities...
Costume Designer...Fashion Trend Forecaster...Textiles Designer... Visual Merchandiser...Fashion Journalist...Fashion Stylist...Merchandising Manager...Textile Quality Technologist...Buyer...Fabric Merchandiser... these and many more are within your grasp if you choose to study Textiles Technology at GCSE Level.

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Textiles Technology explores the world of Fashion Textiles, allowing you to develop strong knowledge and understanding of industry practices whilst also nurturing your creative skills. You will have the opportunity to work in ways similar to a Fashion / Textiles Designer for your design and make project. You will create a portfolio of work, building on research, analytical, investigative and designing skills, which will accompany a final Textiles product of your choice based on a list of project themes. You will have the opportunity to learn new exciting techniques including – silk painting, stencilling, printing, embroidery, quilting, fabric construction, knitting, weaving, embellishment etc.

Textiles Technology is a dynamic GCSE course which will challenge learners to develop a critical and thoughtful approach to designing.

On this wikispaces site the notes and resources are suitable for both AQA and for Edexcel GCSE - though we are using AQA I feel that Edexcel present their course content in a more cohesive and organised manner.


As this is a new course at Sha Tin College - we shall be developing the course, and its scheme of work as we go through the year. As guidance I have included the Edexcel and AQA specifications & schemes of work.




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You will be asked to buy some books in August as part of your GCSE course:
If you want to get them early I recommend the book depository with its free postage http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ or from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com
These books are also available on Kindle.
GCSE Design & Technology Textiles AQA Revision Guide by CGP Books Paperback £5.95
GCSE D&T Textiles AQA Exam Practice Workbook by CGP Books Paperback £4.95
GCSE D&T Textiles AQA Exam Practice Answers (for Workbook) by CGP Books Paperback £2.00

If you are looking for Basic Sewing skills book this book is very good and I recommend that you get a copy:
YouTutorial - Sewing - Your guide to the best instructional YouTube videos published by Carlton Books £7.99 (Available in PageOne for HK$134)

Another book that is worth getting hold of as an essential guide to sewing but is out of print (buy second hand from Amazon costs about £5.00)
101 Essential Tips: Basic Sewing Paperback – by DK Publishing

Other Revision books by Collins are good and can be purchased in addition:
Textiles Technology: Revision Guide (Collins GCSE Essentials) (Paperback) £4.74
Textiles Technology: Revision Workbook (Collins GCSE Essentials) (Paperback) £4.74

Great app for choosing fibres and fabrics - raw materials and the ecological effects of these choices for our products. This new app available for you to download for free onto your iPhones available on the App Store - use "Nike" as your search term. Sorry not available for Android.

Building your sewing kits: