Mini Project 2 - Batch Production Travel Game

Design Brief: You will be working in groups of 3 or 4 to produce a batch of simple travel games. The specification for the game has already been written. You must make enough for one game each.
Design Situation: Venture toys specialize in making simple games for children aged 3 – 8 years. They are interested in developing a game that can keep children occupied on a long journey such as a flight, train or car travel. They wish to produce a set of games that can be given away at airports, petrol stations etc. that children can use straight away and that help the children to learn a bit more about the country they are visiting.
The game should aim to also educate children about a particular country or culture. The game could be played by observation. For example, each player needs to look around to find examples of things that are specific to that culture. ie, if the children are driving in Hong Kong they may look for a particular character on a road sign or spot a red Hong Kong Taxi. Points could be collected for spotting the particular item. The way the game is played is for you to decide. You can adapt an existing game to this situation.
Venture toys advise you to keep the designs simple to keep production and materials costs to a minimum. They also advise that the game should include variation or options for the children to extend the games themselves. The game should be small enough to fit into a small carry bag or pocket.
1. Materials can only include acrylic, laminated paper or card and fabric.
2. Only a small amount of materials can be used.
3. Safety: None of the pieces should present a health & safety hazard ie choking.

Week 1

Carry out group research into travel games, pocket sized containers, the culture/country you have chosen to base your game on and pictures of suitable objects relevant to your project. You should each do one different sheet of research (A3, electronic format). As a group complete a list of specifications based on the information above.
Task: Carry out an analysis of various children's games, using the detail on the form you can download below.

Travel games
Materials for packaging
Self locking package
Nets: Small scale
Nets: Large scale

Week 2

Produce one A3 sheet each of initial ideas – quick sketches that you can present to the group. These should show your idea effectively (include annotation and colour where appropriate). You need to decide as a group which idea to develop.

Week 3

Plan the manufacture of your product in a flowchart. You need to do this as a group. Each member must have clearly assigned tasks and several tasks may run in parallel. Your flowchart should include process, input, output, feedback and quality control.

Week 4, 5, 6

Start Manufacture of your product.

Homework Week 4
Homework Week 5
Homework Week 6


Week 7

Finish manufacture and evaluate your product.

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