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Latest Controlled Assessment Task for textiles has been updates to this Wikispaces - click on the link below or GCSE Textiles Technology in the menu to find all the latest information:
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Star YouTube Video - Best of technology to come in 2015

Thank for using this site - When this site started in October 2007 I decided it was an information only site for my students and we continue within the Design Technology department at Sha Tin College to use this as our primary teaching tool until recently with the introduction of Moodle in our school. I am now returning to using Wikispaces as my own teaching platform, particularly with the introduction of Textiles Technology.
For all those people who have asked to become members I do apologies, however I shall be adding discussion forums and surveys in the coming academic year to encourage some participation and collaborative dialogue.
This site evolves each year - and as of August 2011 we switched our GCSE courses from EDEXCEL to AQA - I shall continue to update content and add to it but I shall leave EDEXCEL pathway open to students and teachers who continue to teach this syllabus and copy and update the material to suit AQA on a second pathway - so during late July 2013. Ms Czirok - Applied Learning Coordinator, Sha Tin College.
Click the menu to find your lessons, most are the presentations shown during the lessons, which gives you the opportunity to go over the lesson once again, and to use the active links for further research.

APPs & URLs for suitable for Design Technology students:

You might be interested in this new iPhone, iTouch and iPad app. It costs 1.99 $US and we think its a very good reference and revision tool from iTunes. Find out more at http://www.dtapp.info/


Like making stuff? Make Magazine is bursting with cool things to make using everyday materials. Brilliant for project ideas, all subjects, all ages. Fantastic! Your teacher can log in for access to back copies etc.

What about this for a really great site - the picture gives you a clue along with its name
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Here's a great resource to help you research your projects particularly when you are looking at existing products
'Cool Stuff'. New page for cool designs and amazing products! Send us your suggestions and get inspired!

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